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By | September 6, 2017

McDonald’s workers Stage First Ever Strike in UK

McDonald’s workers are staging strike in UK. This is their first ever strike. 40 workers walked out at two McDonald’s restaurants, Cambridge and Crayford located south-east London. The workers are demanding an end to zero hours contracts by the end of the year, minimum wage of £10 per hour and union recognition.

McDonald's workers

There is a dispute over zero-hours contracts and conditions of the workers. They are complaining of poor working conditions and drastic cuts in working hours. Many are complaining of bullying in the workplace.

McDonald workers and their supporters rallied outside parliament in London today. While speaking to BBC, two of them outlined some grievances. They were of the opinion that standing against being bullied led to cut down on their shift drastically. They feel that zero hours contracts offer them freedom to cut down hours without being questioned.

Over 200 people were gathered on Monday on College Green as part of an international day of action which included employees, union workers and members of parliament. John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor was also present among them; he addressed the crowd and paid tribute to all who had come out in the protest. He described them as ‘absolute inspiration’.

There are about 1,270 McDonald’s restaurants in UK with about 85,000 employees working for them. According to the company only 0.01% of the work force took to the strike and the dispute is not concerned to any pay or contracts, but only related to their internal grievance procedures. The company had offered choice of flexible or fixed contracts which included minimum guaranteed hours and 86% had opted for flexible hours contract. The company official says the company has given three pay rises since April 2016 and the wages have been increased by 15% on average.

The Union of McDonald’s workers are seeking advice from US and New Zealand who also went through such campaigns there. Several labor unions in UK are backing the strike and extending their support.

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