Irma Damage Photos 2017 – Hurricane Irma blasts Florida with Incredible Wind and Storm Surge

By | September 12, 2017

Hurricane Irma Damage Photos 2017

Hurricane Irma has to blast up the west coast of Florida with incredible winds and storm surge causing flood rendering 5.8 million homes without power. Here you can see Hurricane Irma damage photos 2017.

The roof-ripping wind is so deadly that it has uprooted several trees, torn down power lines, ripped roofs off buildings, toppled cranes and caused so much damage.

Irma Florida after photos 2017

Irma Florida after photos 2017

Hurricane Irma Damage Photos 2017

The hurricane Irma downgraded to category 1 from category 3 on Monday morning, but still sustained winds are blowing at speed of 85mph. The wind has spread across 400 miles. It has remained unclear to predict the full destructive path and damage due to rough conditions. Communication lines have been disturbed and darkness prevails everywhere. Daylight will help reveal the damage.

There was a record flooding on the St Johns River in Jacksonville in the early morning. Jacksonville on the northeast Florida coast has been warned of flash flooding. The critical conditions could arise at high tide, which may cause 15ft of water flooding in the Tampa area. The National Weather Service’s has urged residents to move to the second or higher floors of the buildings.

Hurricane Irma is continuing playing havoc in Florida as it heads towards the north of Tampa. As it is downgraded to category 1, it is losing its strength since it made its first landfall in the Florida Keys Sunday morning. It might now be categorized as the tropical storm. About 160,000 people are taking shelter in the shelter homes.

Several incidents due to Hurricane have been registered. A car crash took place in southern Florida killing a police officer and a prisoner officer. Miami international airport has been closed and will remain closed at least till Tuesday. The gusty winds took to three construction cranes crashes. Trees have been uprooted trees across some of the main highways; billboards have been collapsed causing heaps of metal beside the road side.

As the hurricane has been downgraded, it might improve the conditions and provide some sigh of relief.

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