Bajaj New Car Re 60 Will Launch Soon – Launching Date in India, Price and Specification

By | August 2, 2017

Bajaj Qute RE60 Small Car Features, Price and Online Booking

For those who want affordable car and satisfy their needs, Bajaj’s Qute is a dream come true. Bajaj launched its small RE-60 car. But it is very important for us to know that what things are going on in the market, whether it is true or just a rumor, about the curate.

Explain that Bajaj presented the concept of this car in Delhi at the 2008 Auto Expo for the first time. At that time it was estimated that the car will be launched in 2011-12 and its cost will be up to 1.3 lakh rupees. Bajaj New Car RE60 Will Launch Soon.

What is Bajaj Qute RE60 Car?

The name of this car was RE60 at the time of launch, which was later changed to cut-off. The company gave the car the name of a cartridge by not calling it a car. In Bajaj Qute you have a petrol engine of 216.6 cc, which are also CNG and LPG capable. This engine gives the car power of 13.2 PS The maximum speed of the car is 70 kmph.

Bajaj Qute car RE60 specification and features

In the car, you get a gearbox with a speed of 5 speed units, just like a motorcycle. At the same time, the length of the car is 2,752 mm. Say that there is a rumor in the market that the price of the car is 60 thousand rupees and Bajaj Qute car re60 online booking has started.

Another special thing about this car is its mileage, because the news is that the car gives 35 km of mileage. Along with that, there was also talk of automatic gearbox in the car.

There are rumors in the market that the company can launch this car in India soon, but the company has not that intention to launch it now although the company is certainly going to export this car to many different countries. Bajaj is exporting it to many countries including Turkey, Sri Lanka, Peru, and Kenya. Bajaj Qute car RE60 price in India is about 1.28 lakh.

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